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  • What is wheel reconditioning?
    Wheel recondition is fixing a damaged rim on a vehicle. This can include recon for damage such as scratches, scuff marks, cracks, & bent brims. Rim Recon may involve various techniques such as welding, grinding, CNC Machining, sheering, sanding, or repainting the wheel to restore it to its original condition. Our goal is to improve the appearance and performance of your wheel, ensuring that it is safe and functional for use on the road.
  • Are all wheel reconditioned the same?
    No, not all rim repairs are the same, as the extent of the damage to the wheel can vary greatly. The specific repair method used will depend on the damage's type and severity. Some common wheel repairs include repairing cracks and fixing bent brims, dings, and scratches. Other types of repairs include aluminum polishing and refurbishing clear coat finish.
  • How long is the turnaround time?
    The turnaround time for wheel repair can vary depending on the extent of repair needed. All repairs take 24-72 hours.
  • Do reconditioned wheels include Warranty?
    Every wheel reconditioned at RECON RIM includes a 10-year warranty on all finishes. A limited manufacturing warranty of 30- Days to 1 year.
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